Frequency E-Liquid

Frequency E-liquid specializes in flavorful e-liquids with high-quality ingredients; providing their customer base layers of flavor and a smooth draw. Designs include a modern responsive E-commerce website, brand identity, apparel, custom icons, motion graphics for internal marketing, as well as marketing collateral.
Motion Graphics

Clear thinking

A vision was cast for a brand centered around an auditory experience. The company, flavor names, along with the color palette were provided. Flavor icons were crafted to differentiate each product's flavor profile.


Creative design

The fully responsive e-commerce website is managed via the WordPress content management system. Customers are also supported by easy reorders and simple navigation. Brick and mortars' internal marketing initiates are assisted by digital displays. These motion graphics were created to capture the customers' attention.
If you want to work together on a design project, speak to me at 806.441.8775 or email [email protected] to discuss.

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